About Me

I'm Rachel Fallon. I'm 32 years old and work full time in an office arranging engineer schedules, but after work is when all the fun begins! I write, I read, I bookstagram. I absolutely love fantasy romance and will just eat up any books of it I find. I started my bookstagram because I wanted to keep track of my thoughts on the books I've read, and started doing reviews. It started to take off so I've expanded out to include special edition book and bookish merch spotlights as well a book box unboxings. I love romantasy so much in fact, that I couldn't help coming up with stories in my head all the time. I used other's fictional characters for a long time as my outlet. I received so much support and great feedback, and people encouraging me to write my own novel. I don't think I would have had the guts to chase this dream without them. I sat down and decided y'know what? I want to write a damn book. Let's do this. 

Very quickly, the story and characters began coming to me. It's evolved along the way of course, but much of my base brainstorming remains true to the story now. The characters and the world were just so vivid to me right away, and I knew this had to be my focus. I do have other series ideas waiting in the wings for later, but all my love and attention is going into The Star Queen Chronicles right now. Especially book 1, Of Darkness and Ruination. I can't wait to share this with you all!

What kind of romantasy books do I love? All kinds! But my favorites series are ACOTAR, Blood and Ash + Flesh and Fire, Crowns of Nyaxia, Of Flesh and Bone, Artefacts of Ouranos, Plated Prisoner, Legends of Thezmarr, The Empyrean, The Mist King, Gods and Monsters, An Heir Comes to Rise, Nytefall, The Coven, Shadows of Tenebris, Deliciously Dark Fairytales and so many more!

Outside of books, what's there to know about me? Well, I have an adorably spoiled calico cat named Cookie Dough, since she looks like a ball of cookie dough (very original, yes). We call her Cookie, of course. I do love watching current tv shows like House of the Dragon, Wheel of Time, The Sandman, and Good Omens. I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier. I've very excited for Dune Part 2 coming up. I love the big epics like Lord of the Rings and it's so rare they come around like this! I clearly stay in a very fantasy/paranormal/romance wheelhouse even outside of books!